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Rex rabbit faux fur with leopard prining

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Printed rex rabbit faux fur

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Luxury steel brown mink faux fur fabric

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About buying faux fur rugs

Aug. 25, 2016

As a faux fur rugs manufacturer with many years experience, I want to share you some considerations about purchasing these products.

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Caring for a Faux Rug

Cleaning a faux fur rug may require special instructions. Buyers should keep this in mind as they choose a rug. In order to keep the rug looking smooth and free of debris, buyers should brush the faux fur rug with a soft bristled brush at least once a week. Hard bristled brushes can damage the fur’s lining and material. To prevent bunching the fibres, or even removing them, it is best to brush along with the grain of the material.

Buyers should always consult the faux fur rug’s care label for instructions prior to laundering. Faux fur is often labelled as dry clean only, but with proper precautions, buyers can launder the rug at home using an approved cleaning solution. The cleaning solution should be specially designed to clean faux fur in order to reduce the possibility of damage to the fur’s material. It is best to avoid soaking the fur in water as this can permeate the lining and ruin the material’s lustre and fullness.

Where to Buy Faux Fur Rugs

Faux fur rugs can be found at various bricks and mortar carpet shops, and homeware and department stores. These retailers offer a wide variety of faux fur rugs, ranging in size, price, and style. Alternatively, buyers can choose to purchase a new or pre-owned faux fur rug online. For buyers looking to pay a competitive price or who want a specific type of faux fur rug, eBay offers a large selection of items to choose from.

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