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Luxury steel brown mink faux fur fabric

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7 Creative Uses for polyester faux fur fabric (1)

Sep. 23, 2016

It's pretty much impossible to find a fabric softer than our polyester fabric. Aptly named, this polyester cony fabric is very popular for baby blankets, but what else can you do with it? As it turns out, quite a bit!

1. Stuffed Toys

Add a unique texture and make your stuffed toys irresistible with this super soft cloth. Since minky comes in a variety of different styles and textures, you can use it to add more detail to your toys. For example, the various shaggy textures are perfect for animals and teddy bears, while rosebud textures make fun hair for dolls.


2. Socks

Turn ordinary shoes or slippers into a wonderful, luxurious experience by adding a cuddle baby fabric liner. Sliding your feet through the softness is the perfect way to pamper yourself. Better yet, make some socks out of your favorite patterns and make sure everyone in your life enjoys a little extra softness.

3. Photographic Backgrounds

With so many textures and designs to choose from, photographers will find minky ideal for their backdrop needs. It’s particularly useful when it comes to newborn photography, as the gentle feel of the fabric helps lull the baby to sleep. Color choices range from bright and cheery to neutrals and everything in between.

4. Infant Washcloths

Forget the roughly textured washcloths and use a hemmed square of minky to wash your little one. It makes bath time far more enjoyable and the cloth is soothing and gentle on tender skin. These cloths make excellent baby shower gifts, particularly when paired with matching burp cloths.

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