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Rex rabbit faux fur with leopard prining

Rex rabbit faux fur with leopard prining

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Printed rex rabbit faux fur

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Luxury steel brown mink faux fur fabric

Tips and Warnings about fleece faux fur

Nov 30, 2016

There are a few things to remember when handling and laundering fleece faux fur in order to keep them soft and cozy. Caring for your fleece blanket properly ensures your favorite blanket lasts longer, feels softer, and looks fluffier for an extended period of time. 



Recommended Fix

Broken down, stretched fibers

Hot water wash

Hot dry

Wash in cold water on gentle cycle

Low heat setting when electric dryer is used

Shedding in wash

Exposed damaged fibers

Insert blanket in large laundry bag before washing

Coating on blanket

Detergent left in blanket after rinse

Dryer sheets

Put blanket through extra rinse cycle, reserving fabric softener until that last rinse

Do not use dryer sheets

Static cling

Machine drying without dryer sheet

Toss a clean tennis ball into the dryer with the blanket


Blanket rubbing against sides of dryer or rough clothing while drying

Line dry

Lint balls on blanket

Washing blanket with towels

Fleece attracts lint balls, so never wash the blanket with towels or other high-lint items

The most important thing to remember when laundering your fleece faux fur blankets is that heat and friction are the enemies. Also, using anything that leaves a coating or residue on the fleece fibers, such as soap that does not rinse out completely, or dryer sheets, leaves your blanket feeling sticky or rough.

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